Tasty Cuisine Catering and Banqueting Services, LLC, is a gourmet catering business specializing in Authentic Caribbean and Cajun style cuisine. Tasty Cuisine Catering is passionate about good food and focuses on providing our customers with quality meals that excite the eyes, nose and palate, along with outstanding service.  Flavor is the goal and not an afterthought at Tasty Cuisine Catering, our food is marinated with outstanding flavor at all times. Michele Cameron, Tasty Cuisine Catering owner, has been cooking for over 16 years with the jerk and traditional method of seasoning in mind. Michele formed Tasty Cuisine Catering and Banqueting Services, LLC, at the constant urging of her family and friends who were always raving about the various dishes that she prepared, also her frequent disappointment when dining out. Neighbors were always intrigued with the great aroma coming over the fence. Inspired to turn her business skills acquired from 18 years of working for a major corporation in the Aerospace business and ten years of military discipline, along with her passion for cooking Michele formed Tasty Cuisine Catering and Banqueting Services, LLC. Michele, a native of Jamaica has been wrapped up in the Caribbean Culture all of her life. She's taking this rich heritage which is known through-out the United States of America and parts of the world and to it add an exquisite taste which she is willing to share with others. After migrating to the United States, Michele completed undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University, and a Career Diploma in Catering and Gourmet Cooking. Tasty Cuisine Catering believes in giving our customer complete control over their meal selection, so whether you are of the Caribbean Community, the Kosher Community, the American Community, or simply trying something new, Tasty Cuisine Catering is the place for you.  Give Tasty Cuisine Catering a try; you're sure to feel you have made the right choice!

“A taste that’s exquisite, A service that’s outstanding”

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